Software Development

  1. Smith, R.J. 2019. grlyr: Interactive App for Ground Layer Estimation.

  2. Smith, R.J. 2019. vuln: Niche-based Vulnerability of Species and Communities. R package version 0.0.04-2019-08-06.

  3. Smith, R.J., P.R. Nelson, R. Vargas-Castillo, D.E. Stanton. 2018. foggy: Species and Trait Responses to Fog Gradients. R package version 0.0.4-2018.

  4. Smith, R.J. 2018. fitNMDS: Measures of Fit for Bootstrapped and Reciprocal NMDS. R package version 0.1.4-2018.

  5. Smith, R.J. 2017. Forest Lichen Vulnerability Assessment.

  6. Smith, R.J. 2016. ngnn: Multivariate Prediction of Community Composition. R package version 0.1-2016.

  7. Smith, R.J. 2015. ecole: School of Ecology Package for Teaching Ecological Tasks, Algorithms and Model Fitting. R package version 0.6-2018.

  8. Multivariate community analysis tutorial [R gist]


Other development projects on Github